Azieb by Faveninski


Midwest native Azieb has been making music since she was little, learning piano as a child and making her first productions using FruityLoops. Her music evolved when she began spitting at spoken word events in college. Eventually combining the beats and the bars. Since then her art has evolved into several releases such as her first mixtape “Stuck” in 2012 and the pop project “Products We Love” in 2013. Her self-titled project “Azieb” gained attention from the Chicago Tribune, and she has also been featured on BRIC TV Brooklyn, NY, performing a few pieces from her latest body of work titled “Inner Child”.

She constantly pushes her sound forward, fusing genres like trance, hip-hop, soul, r&b, and classical with a down-to-earth message meant to heal. Music makes her vibrate. And she’s definitely a vibe.